Analyzing the relationship between cultural intelligence and life satisfaction: Mediating role of career engagement


  • SHAROON FARAN Air university
  • GHULAM DASTGEER University of Hail, Saudi Arabia
  • SIDRA AKHTAR Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture university Rwp



Behavioral Cultural Intelligence, Career Engagement, Motivational Cultural Intelligence, Life Satisfaction


The purpose of this article is to examine the relationship of competencies of cultural intelligence (CQ) with life satisfaction of foreign expatriates who have limited mobility in Pakistan while working here; this relationship is mediated with career engagement. The personally administered questionnaires were distributed using snowball ball sampling technique. In total 350 questionnaires were distributed among foreign expatriates. Data was analyzed using SPSS. The results of the study conclude that the foreigners who are working in Pakistan were using their CQ competencies at their workplace to be having better engagement with the career. However, the hosting companies providing resources to these expatriates so they have high level of life satisfaction. This is noteworthy, when loaded to slight our decisions to ordinary conditions, explicitly when seeing the issues researchers can need to characterizing the key forecasters of CQ Competencies and life satisfaction in Pakistan. It is found from the current study that expatriates are using their Cultural Intelligence competencies and thus enhance their life satisfaction. Thus, as the organizations are working on the well-being of their employees it is the need of the hour that they should create such environment where the well-being of the expatriate nourishes.


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