WaterOnto: Ontology of Context-Aware Grid-Based Riverine Water Management System


  • Muhammad Hussain Mughal Centre for Research in Ubiquitous Computing, Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Karachi, Pakistan
  • Zubair Ahmed Shaikh Centre for Research in Ubiquitous Computing, Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Karachi, Pakistan




Irrigation water, Diversion, Reservoir, Web 3.0, Management, Ontology, Wireless Sensor Network, Semantic Modelling, software agents, Disaster


The management of riverine water always remains a big challenge, because the volatility of water flow creates hurdles to determine the exact time and quantity of water flowing in rivers and available for daily use. The volatile water caused by various water sources and irregular flow pattern generates different kinds of challenges for management. Distribution of flow of water in irrigation network affects the relevant community in either way. In the monsoon seasons, river belt community high risk of flood, while far living community suffering drought. Contemplating this situation, we have developed an ontology for context-aware information representation of riverine water management system abetting the visualization and proactive planning for the complex real-time situation. The purpose of this WaterOnto is to improve river water management and enable for efficient use of this precious natural resource. This would also be helpful to save the extra water being discharged in sea & non-irrigational areas, and magnitude and location of water leakage. We conceptualized stakeholder and relevant entities. We developed a taxonomy of irrigation system concepts in machine process able structure. Being woven these hierarchies together we developed a detailed conceptualization of river flow that helps us to manage the flow of water and enable to extract danger situation.


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