Crime Mapping in GIS By Using Hotspot


  • Syeda Ambreen Zahra CS & IT, University of Lahore, Gujrat, Pakistan



Crime mapping, Spatial, GIS, Hotspot Spatial Temporal analysis, Crime Forecasts, Hotspot Mapping, Positional Errors, Predictive Ability, Temporal Information


Police forces use hotspot mapping to provide a single out towards to resource allocation, ensuring police officers are post to areas of high crime where their existence will have the most smash. Hotspot intelligence products are reliant on crime data sourced from police databases, and positional mistake in this data will have an impact on the accuracy of the hotspot maps make The postion of crime hotspots varies across both space and time.
Crime mapping and analysis plays an integral role in essentially advanced form of crime representation, visualization and respond satisfactorily to the problem of criminality. It also let the analysts to figure out how crimes are spread evenly over the zone. GIS plays an effective role in mapping of crime. This paper puts on the diverse utilities of hotspot in GIS to recognize the crime in addition to encourage the advancement of investigation inclination strategy for policing. The functional approach in the present investigation for crime mapping can be successfully applied for improvement of user-interfaces stage for the advancement of safe city strategies.


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