A Priority Based Intelligent Transportation (IT) Assistance Model for Victims in Incident Environment Using Drone and eCall Technology


  • Sana Ullah Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science & Technology




Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), Artificial Intelligence, Transportation, IT, Drone Technology, Mobile Technology, Incident environment, Emergency environment, Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), Incident detection


With the advancement in information technology (IT), transportation sector has been evolved remarkably. Numerous technologies have been deployed to assist and manage transportation systems in emergency and incident situations. Assisting of serious injured in road accidents is extremely important on time and a little delay in medical assistance leads to huge lives loss. In this connection, a model “A Priority Based Intelligent Transportation (IT) Assistance Model for Victims in Emergency/Incident Environment Using Drone and eCall Technology” has been proposed which assist victims/accident injured on priority basis. The main breakthroughs of the proposed model are inclusive of to diminished/minimized lives losses, saving time, speed up rescuing process; maximize efficiency, improving the transport results like traffic resilience, travel reliability, environment protection and road safety. For the validation of the proposed research model, a quantitative research approach (Survey) has been utilized. The expert opinions are gathered from field experts in different rounds through questionnaire. The hypotheses are assessed based on chi-squared test statistical method.


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