Review of Available Barriers to the Wind Energy Development Activities in the Coastal Areas of Pakistan


  • zeeshan alam Department of Computer Science, University of Karachi, Pakistan



The fossil fuels including coal, oil & gas, nuclear and other waste burning methods for power generation are the main cause of our climate to change drastically, and are contributing factor to global warming. And these conventional forms of energies are also finite and depleting with a fast pace. The alternate to this situation is the adaptation of clean, renewable forms of energies, like wind, solar, hydel, geothermal, etc. The coastal belt of Pakistan is the supposed to be the windiest part of the country, so we have a massive wind energy resource waiting to be used for the development of wind based power plants. Despite the efforts made at provincial and central governments level and in different private sectors, the wind electricity generation capabilities and/or technologies so far couldn’t be developed as it should be. This paper describes the salient natural and anthropogenic barriers against the wind energy development activities along the coastal belt of Pakistan.



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