Exploring the Impact of Mathematics Perception on Students’ Performance


  • Bakh Shaikh Sukkur IBA
  • Sher Muhammad Daudpota Sukkur IBA University




Level of students’ attitude, interest in Mathematics related courses and students’ perception about their teachers’ teaching methodology is analyzed in this study. This study investigated a relationship between students’ perception and their Mathematics results. There were 330 students selected using random sampling, from different departments who were taking Mathematics course in fall 2017 at Sukkur IBA University. A survey was conducted through questionnaire and data were collected. Using inferential statistics (Pearson correlation, One-way ANOVA test and Independent t-test), data analysis was performed through statistical package (SPSS) version 19.0. The results specify that the level on students’ perception towards Mathematics subject is good among all departments and there is a negative non-linear relationship between students’ perception and their Mathematics courses results. Further it was analyzed that male and female contain good and same level of perception about the subject.


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