Current Status of Urdu on Twitter


  • Tariq Rahim Soomro Institute of Business Managemnet
  • Saqib Muhammad Ghulam SZABIST Dubai Campus



Twitter, Semantics, Sentimental Analysis, Urdu, Social Media Data


Language is the medium of communication and interaction in words or sign format. Simple and easy access to mobile held devices and popularity of social media has revolutionized the way people used to communicate with each other. The information generated in the past two years is many times greater than the information generated since data storage technology inceptions. The Urdu language has emerged since the 6th century from other languages like Arabic, Hindi, Persian, Prakrit, and Sanskrit and it is the national language of Pakistan. Even after being used widely in all public, official and media use of this language is limited to speaking and reading. This study will be conducted during Pakistan general elections 2018, which is an advantage of analyzing Urdu as the whole nation is engaged in social media promoting their political parties and the amount of information generated during this time will be large. However, the challenge of identification of tweet corpse difficult remains due to the intensive use of Roman Urdu.


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