Crime Mapping in Gujrat, Pakistan using GIS


  • Syeda Ambreen Zahra University of Lahore





Abstract—In previous years, crime has turned into a broad spectrum term in Pakistan. Street crime in Pakistan is in the high range. This needs a measurable research on crime mapping. Research about crime with its spatial and temporal distribution is important because data about crime Events is one of the most necessary need to Defends against crime [19]. Crime mapping is figure out how crimes are spread evenly over the zone. GIS plays an effective role in mapping of crime. This paper puts on the diverse utilities of GIS to Identify the hot, low crime area and safe area of Gujrat, Pakistan in addition to encourage the advancement of investigation and safety strategy for policing using GIS. This Research using GIS present better investigation for crime mapping in Gujrat, Pakistan so by using GIS in police department can be successfully applied on all police stations for better safety. GIS is technological gadgets which normally improve policing process as it simplifies the cognitive metrics and relationships between spatial localities. Studies reveal that GIS can holistically be integrated with crime investigating systems of police. This indicates that GIS is feasible, adoptable and adaptable tool in crime Deducting systems. This study aims to find out generic crime activity patterns of Gujrat using applications of GIS in crime patrolling and reduction activities. This study also aims to ensure that GIS can improve crime prediction and proactive measures for crime control in Gujrat. It will not only highlight the hot spots of crime. 




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