Multimedia Based e-Learning for Educating Children in Sindhi Language


  • Zeeshan Bhatti
  • Sayed Majid Shah Institute of information and Communication Technology, University of Sindh, Jamshoro
  • Muhammad Zahid Tunio Department of Computer Systems Engineering, Dawood University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi
  • Sadam Hussain Brohi
  • Anas Iqbal Memon



Multimedia Learning, e-learning, Android app


The education system is rapidly updating with the involvement of technology. The primary education is considering the backbone of the children’s study. Normally, the children do not memories their lesson at home and they play games on mobile instead of reading. In this paper, a digital learning approach has introduced based on Sindhi primary education using mobile application. The children/students can learn easy basics of primary level like; numbers, Sindhi and English alphabets, shapes, and colors along with lessons. A digital approach is consisting of a mobile application that manages the basic learning features with an attractive user-friendly environment together with the Mp3 audio voice and high resolution of images in HD quality. The main features will be appeared on the screen by launching the application in the form of icons as ABC, اب ٻ, 123 and clicking them for further process. When single alphabetical reading task is complete, then it moves into the Arabic form of the Sindhi alphabet with the addition of Zer, Zabar, Pesh. These alphabetical characters connecting to each other for the creation of Sindhi words such as; آھي (Is) {Aahe}, آھن (Are) {Aahin}, ھُو (Who) {Hoo}and so on. The next level for children to learning, the basic lessons of Sindhi with audio and the same tasks for basic English for primary education learning. At the initial level of digital learning approach, a Sindhi textbook named “سنڌي ٻاراڻو ڪتاب” (Sindhi Childs Book) {Sindhi Barano Kitab} has been covered through this application.



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