Analysis on Security Methods of Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)


  • Abdul Aziz Mugheri SZABIST Institute of Science and Technology
  • Murtaza Ahmed Siddiqui SUKKUR IBA UNIVERSITY
  • Mohammad Khoso SZABIST LARKANA Campus



Security has always been a major area of concern for WSN. Due to limited resources and size constrain of a node, WSN still lacks a comprehensive security mechanism for its operations. In this paper, some of the purposed security methods for WSN are being analyzed for the issues that still exist in the purposed security method. To perform the analysis on security methods some of the documented or implemented security algorithm by researchers are being studied and the issues with those algorithms are being highlighted. After performing the analysis it is quite clear that most of the algorithm being purposed by researchers for WSN need to be designed keeping in view resources constrains of WSN.


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