Challenges of Computer Science and IT in Teaching-Learning in Saudi Arabia


  • Dr. Hafiz Abid Mehmood Malik AMA International University, Bahrain
  • Faiza Abid King Khalid University, Saudi Arabia
  • R. Kalaicelvi AMA International University Bahrain
  • Zeeshan Bhatti Department of IT, University of Sindh



Computer science; Information technology; Makerspace; Education; Challenges; Curriculum; English language skill


Personal Computers (PCs) have invaded all ranges of civilization and there is currently a reasonable connection among technology, development and economic persistence. For a couple of decades in teaching-learning field, computer science curriculum development has been a core issue. In different eras different strategies have been adopted to improve the teaching-learning process. Integrated Curriculum Techniques (ICT) can play a positive role in all subjects. Specifically, strengthen the integration among all subjects can prove the good results in computer science and English language. In the area of computer science and information technology, communication in English language is considered a big barrier in understanding in Saudi Arabia. In this research we discuss and suggest the different aspects that can upsurge the overall performance and structure of the education system, particularly in Saudi Arabia. It is an effort to investigate the nature of hindrances and challenges faced at Saudi academies while implementing an IT based learning approach. To walk with the level of international universities and to play the role in modern scientific research, the use of the English language can improve the vision of computer science and information technology. Teacher-student communication in English language is a very important factor. This small step-forward can develop the confidence in students that consequently leads to the betterment of whole education system. Besides, the availability of up-to-date and accurate software and hardware installation is very important to cope with the challenges of the era. World is in your hands, if you know the proper use of technology. In this paper, Makerspace techniques have also been suggested that can play a significant role in teaching-learning that relates with ICT.


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