The Design of Isolated Micro Grid Using Renewable Energy Resources with Energy Storage System via HOMER Software A Case Study of a Thar Community


  • Mahesh Kumar Associate Professor, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Jamshoro, Sindh



Electricity is major requirement for each individual or group to live a prosper and good life, while unfortunately in Pakistan still there are some areas which does not have provision towards this facility. The microgrid is designed to power up those rural areas of Pakistan which does not have provision of electricity via conventional means. To achieve this feat this paper presents a case study of a Thar community or small village located in Thar, Sindh, Pakistan. The small village comprises of 40 houses, some shops and a primary school. The study area having latitude and longitude of 240 52.7’ N and 700 14.4’ E respectively. The microgid consists of a Diesel Generator, Photo voltaic solar panels, Batteries and Flywheel systems. The purpose is to find the most optimal solution using different parameters via Homer optimization software.


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