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Vol. 5 No. 2 (2022): Sukkur IBA Journal of Emerging Technologies- July – December 2022
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Dear Readers,

It is immense pleasure to present you the fourth issue of Sukkur IBA Journal of Emerging Technologies (SJET). Sukkur IBA University firmly believes in research environment and has provided a platform for the intellectuals and researchers to share knowledge and new findings on emerging trends in various research areas to solve the difficult technical problems related to the technological advancements in response to the demands of the times. The SJET provided interdisciplinary platform to researchers’ community to collaborate, co-innovate and instigate efforts to break the technological barriers. This journal provides the opportunity to gain and present authentic and insightful scientific & technological information on the latest advances in the field of emerging technologies.

The SJET provides invaluable source of information and enables the interested researchers to access the original information they are seeking. The manuscripts submitted in SJET have been followed by double-blind peer-review process, which addresses key issues in the field of emerging engineering technologies. The SJET has endorsed highly standards which are prerequisite for publishing high quality research work. This journal manifests into eco-system for the academician and engineers work together in the pursuit of excellence & innovation, that is why the editorial board of SJET is comprises of academic and industrial researchers from various advanced countries. The journal has been recognized by Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan in “Y” category. It has adopted Open access policy without charging any publication fees that will certainly increase the readership by providing free access to a wider audience. 

On behalf of the SJET, I welcome the submissions for upcoming issue (Volume-6 Issue-1, January-June, 2023) and looking forward to receive your valuable feedback.

I hope this journal will make a difference in our perspective and choice of research

Published: 2023-01-07

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