Power Quality Analysis of Controlled Rectifiers and their Impact on Input Power System

  • Abdul Ghaffar student


Pakistan these days facing major energy crisis especially in the power sector. But to overcome these crisis major companies and the govt. of Pakistan is playing vital role so that supply could meet the demand. In association to this a major project National Power System Expansion Plan 2011-2030 has started which further increases the complexity of power system, but one thing in which these power companies are lagging is in the improvement of power quality.

This paper introduces the power quality analysis of AC-DC converter topologies and their impact on input power system. Due to latest advancement in the technologies and its usage it is impossible to put barriers for the applications of power electronics topologies. These topologies are of different structure and causes harmonics when connected to the power system, these harmonics affects the power quality of the system network. Due to their wide usage it necessary to observe their impact on the input power system, which includes THD (total harmonic distortion) and distortion in the input power factor etc.

This research work focuses on the power quality analysis of the power system. In this paper input THD of single-pulse, two-pulse and six-pulse controlled rectifier are analysed using FFT analysis in MATLAB and their effect on input power system are also discussed.


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